Training courses in outdoor education to better support young people

Training courses in outdoor experiential learning to provide new methods for educational activities

Professionals who work with children and young adults (teachers, high school teachers, educators, and other facilitators) on a daily basis are constantly striving to find new approaches. By using alternative – and complementary – methods to those of classical education, we can provide children with new tools so that they develop in a healthy way, learn more, and feel great in their lives. NBE provides training courses in nature education tailored to the needs of each profesionall individual. NBE’s training courses are either offered independently or in cooperation with the various training institutions in Luxembourg and can also be offered in-house.

Orientation en forêt à l'aide d'une corde

A tailored approach for our training courses in outdoor experential learning

Each structure has different needs when it comes to educational approaches and the respective training courses in outdoor experiential learning. In fact, they vary enormously depending on the age of the children, the social environment, and their concrete daily challenges.

Aware of the variety of cases, we set up personalised solutions in terms of our training courses in nature education. We guide a variety of professionals: This could be high school teachers looking to exemplify the knowledge they have worked on with their children in class or youth educators looking for new and enriching experiences for their youth group, for example.

Our training courses in outdoor education are designed to provide participants with concrete tools that can easily be used in a nearby environment. In this way, you will be able to more easily plan quality outdoor activities that are original and useful on many levels.


Ongoing training: an imperative for professionals

Whether it is a question of attending a training course in outdoor education or outdoor experiential learning, professionals who are working with children and young people need to learn about new practices on a regular basis. All our trainings have a national validation number for professionals in the non-formal education sector.

In a constantly changing world, where many things sometimes move too fast, it is especially important to show young people that it is necessary to find joy in nature and in what our planet offers us. It is a major challenge to encourage them to get away from their screens, to observe landscapes or to be able to communicate more instantly with each other, without social networks and smartphones.

While school is essential for a child to learn the skills they will need in life; it is well known that traditional classes are not enough. The training courses in outdoor education allows you to find other ways to help children deal with issues such as school violence, lack of self-confidence or cooperation difficulties.


Cueillette de graines en forêt
Groupe souriant

Feel supported as a teacher or educator

Professionals who work with children can often feel alone – and sometimes helpless – in their daily lives when dealing with individuals who are difficult to handle and whose issues change over time.

Attending a training course in nature education helps to regain confidence as a professional and feel more at ease with concerns that can be solved through alternative methods that are easy to implement… Simply by using nature and the sites in the immediate surroundings of your establishment!


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