This section allows you to get a good overview of all our educational programs and activities. Every single program can and will be tailored to the specific needs and particularities of your (youth) group. 

Outdoor Education For Institutions

The development and implementation of outdoor educational programs often requires a great deal of organisational overhead, while consuming a great amount of time. Due to their daily obligations, a lot of educators cannot afford to invest the necessary energy into the organisation of extra-curricular outdoor activities. And even if the necessary time is available, those outdoor activities often require profound knowledge and specific training to be implemented in a safe and meaningful way. For this reason, we offer a number of different modules that can be modified and/or combined, depending on different factors like age, experience and interests of your group. Additionally,  relevant academic or social topics can be implemented into our modules as well.

The following modules can be booked as half-day program (appr. 3 hours), a full-day program (appr. 6h) and/or combined to a multi-day program:

  • Adventure Games with a focus on teamwork
  • Low-ropes course (half-day)
  • Orienteering and Geocaching
  • Adventure Course
  • Citybound Program
  • Selfmade Marble Run, made out of natural materials (half-day)
  • Raftbuilding

To guarantee sustainable learning processes, we strongly advise you to book a multi-day program if your time schedule allows for it. Single days can also be spread over a certain period of time.

Violence Prevention Through Fighting Games

Especially during the late childhood and adolescence a lot of boys lack the necessary platform to test out their own limits and to compete with their peers in a positive and constructive way. This often leads to the search for other possibilities to release pent-up energy and existing emotions. 

Respect, tolerance, helpfulness and mutual appreciation are only a few of the very important values that  boys can experience during our violence prevention programs. This is made possible through different practical exercises and games, during which the participants learn to fight with each other on a fair and controlled basis. We offer our participants the necessary space to test out their limits, without going into a real-life confrontation with potentially far-reaching consequences.


We offer both single-day programs, for example during project days, and weekly repeating long-term programs, with shorter modules. The minimum length of one weekly-repeated module is 90 minutes. Due to the fact that we work in sex-homogeneous groups, we can only offer programs for male participants for the time being.


If you are not sure if our concept fits your group, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a possible trial module that is free of charge.

Self-Assertiveness Training


Currently Self-Assertiveness Training is a concept that is still not very common in Luxembourg. This concept goes beyond the fighting games that are used our violence prevention programs and aims at strengthening the self-concept of the participants, while also supporting their personality development. That way, even more difficult situations during everyday (school) life are more likely to be mastered by the concerned individual.

Our programs combine fighting games with active games, adventure games and self-reflection exercises in order to address and work on a great variety of different gender-related topics. Simultaneously, the modules provide the participants with a safe environment to discuss and challenge potentially dominating gender stereotypes.

As a methodical support we use the so called ‘hand of self-assertiveness’ which provides us with a simple and comprehensible tool to address five key-competences that are essential to self-assertiveness. The hand of self-assertiveness is used during the reflection units as well as during the content-related planning of our programs.

The following five key-competences are trained:

  • The perception of one-self and others (thumb)
  • Self-efficacy (index finger)
  • Assume responsibility (middle finger)
  • Mutual trust (ring finger)
  • To seek and accept help (little finger)

Due to the fact that we work in sex-homogeneous groups, we can only offer programs for male participants for the time being.

Forest Education & Educational Games

Especially the early childhood offers a great deal of potential to give children a better understanding of nature and to foster a positive relationship with the environment, through different games and activities. Furthermore, specific knowledge can be directly related to actual experiences and therefore be more accessible and sustainable. In this regard, Forest Education provides a great number of different interesting approaches. In combination with educational games, that understand the children’s need for fun and imaginative play, a number of interesting programs can be developed. Through the implementation of different thematic background stories, like Robin Hood, Vikings, Knights, Native Americans etc. the programs can have a great level of immersion for the children.


Our programs are composed of the following activities, depending on the needs and particularities of each group:


  • Natural experience games & activities
  • Cooperative games
  • Field games
  • Active games
  • Craft workshops
  • Wood carving workshops
  • Interactive hikes
  • Night walks

We gladly compile the right program for you and your group, while also taking into account relevant topics that are discussed in your classroom (for example). Finally, it is very important for us to involve the local environment in our programs. For this reason, all our programs are mobile and can be implemented near your own institution.

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