A new recipe for your activities in nature in Luxembourg

Nature, sport and personal development: enrich yourself during our organised family activities in Luxembourg

Are you looking for new ideas for leisure activities in Luxembourg, whether you are a visitor or a resident while intending to practice some physical activity and also, learning new things? As specialists in outdoor activities and learning based on nature, we offer a wide range of nature activities in Luxembourg that are original, enriching, and unforgettable.

Jeune femme regardant le ciel

Nature as a resource to grow, relax, re-energise and enjoy

We tend to underestimate the potential of Mother Nature. Without going far from our home and without looking very far, we can experience really beneficial activities, to have fun, overcome one’ s self, learning, relaxing… and much more!

Our nature activities in Luxembourg are rather atypical. For example, we can offer you geocaching, a practice that can easily bring together people of all ages. If you prefer to try something more athletic, NBE also invites you to try intuitive archery, an extremely interesting sport to have fun and work on your concentration simultaneously or to go on a mountain-bike tour.

All the family activities in Luxembourg that we offer have a playful dimension above all, and offer a great opportunity to forget the hassles of everyday life. But they also go beyond fun, allowing you to come out more fulfilled, in better conditions to cooperate with each other, relaxed, in harmony with yourself and with others.


Wide range of activities to suit all profiles

Want to hire the best hiking guide in Luxembourg and enjoy the great outdoors? NBE can arrange your daily or multi-day hikes in Luxembourg and throughout the surrounding area.

If you wish, we can suggest many other nature activities in Luxembourg. You will become a better version of yourself after you have succeeded in improving your archery skills and gaining confidence. You will feel more energetic than ever after your bike ride… And you will have strengthened your bond during your family activities in Luxembourg, especially if you have chosen an activity such as intergenerational hike!
We strive to create new tourism experiences in Luxembourg, inspired by what nature has to offer and different from the traditional hotel and accommodation offers.


Gros plan sur pieds d'enfant en forêt
Mère et enfant en forêt

A true professional of nature activities for your family activities in Luxembourg

You can rely on NBE for your nature activities in Luxembourg, and for a good reason: we have made nature education and outdoor sports our primary focus. On a daily basis, we train teachers and educators to use green spaces to support their lessons. We also deploy teambuilding programs for companies; and we also act as an external service provider for schools and “maison relais”.

To summarise, working with us to find a hiking guide in Luxembourg or to prepare your next trip in the countryside is to give yourself the best possible chance to live the most rewarding experience possible.


Plan your outdoor activities with NBE, with family or friends!