Discover your municipality

Personal development in a fun and green environment


“Discover your municipality” is a project concept that combines elements of adventure education and place-based pedagogy. Over the duration of the project (between three and five days), children will have the possibility to get to know their municipailty and its surrounding area in an exciting way. Exploring the region by foot (or possibly by bike), they interact with their surroundings through a variety of activities, each focusing on the social, historical, cultural and ecological aspects of the area.

The project took place for the first time in 2018, in the municipality of Wincrange. Due to its huge success, the project was expanded and opened to other municipailties as well, with the goal to enable as many children as possible to gain a closer connection to their hometown. By cooperating with local organizations and individuals, they will also experience firsthand the benefits of being part of a community.

Enfant en forêt

Primary Goals

  • Strengthening the sense of association with the own hometown and its history.
  • Appreciation of (local) nature and gaining awareness for a conscious treatment of the environment.
  • Strengthening of social soft skills by being on the road in nature and as a group
  • Development of a “sense-of-place” through a multidisciplinary engagement with specific places and localities within the municipality.
  • Supporting the development of individual responsibility through situational decision-taking.


  • Age: 10+ Years
  • Duration: 3-5 Days
  • Max. 12 Children
  • Cost: Upon Request

This project, it has to be said in appreciation, can without a doubt be attested a leading role in developing theory-based excursion-didactics.*

(Excerpt of the review for the master thesis “Place-based pedagogy: Umsetzungspotentiale in einem abenteuerpädagogischen Projekt in Europa” P.2 – Grade “very good”)

Dr. Sven Ismer (Philipps Universität Marburg)

Lecturer & scientific assistant

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