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In many professional areas teamwork is a key to success. Whether it is a specific project groups, that work together for a determined period of time, or whole departments, that focus on certain key areas for a longer period of time. If human beings gather together to form a group or a team, there will be group dynamics which are directly connected to a potential goal and can have a strong influence on the outcome of certain projects.
Especially in the beginning, when new groups are formed and people with different opinions, values, backgrounds and characters come together, there is a lot of potential for possible difficulties. The origins of arising conflicts can range from simple misunderstandings to a profound a lack of trust in other team members. With our outdoor trainings, we can support your team during the different stages of group development and use arising conflicts constructively in order to maximize future cooperation.

We offer the following modules:

  • Teamchallenge
  • Orientation-Tour
  • Geocaching with cooperation exercises
  • Raft building (depends on access to water)
  • Mobile Low Ropes Course


Our modules can be combined to multi-day programs, depending on your available time.


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You would like to offer your employees or colleagues an interesting day and shift the focus away from their daily work routines? We offer a number of different outdoor activities that guarantee a great experience for the whole group. Whether you need a day-program or a single activity to complement your seminar or workshop, we tailor our activity to your needs. If needed, we also arrange the matching catering to round off the perfect team experience.

  • Geocaching
  • Hiking Day
  • Mountain Bike Tour
  • Archery
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