Discover nature – Sensory experiences in the forest


Forest and nature education recognises the forest as a pedagogically valuable space of experience and tries to bring the participants closer to the ecological and social interconnections of the forest.
By using holistic teaching and learning methods, the participants can not only have positive learning experiences, but also become more aware of the need for an environmentally responsible approach to nature.
The main focus of this training is on the sensual exploration of the forest environment with all its many different aspects. With the help of playful and interactive activities, in connection with the senses of hearing, feeling, smelling and seeing, it is possible to facilitate interesting sessions for children of all ages.

In the field of inclusion, the forest and the discovery of the natural environment through the senses also provides the opportunity to create adaptable activities in line with the specific needs of the individual children.


– learning about the impact of nature activities on children’s perceptive abilities, body awareness and creativity
– Experiencing forest educational games and activities in practice.
– Broadening one’s own pool of methods.
– Getting to know the model structure of a forest education session.
– Learning to implement group-oriented activities in the forest on the topic of “senses”.

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8 May 2024


9h00 - 17h00

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