About NBE

Initial Idea

My studies and my time abroad have shown me that there is still a lot of room for potential development in terms of alternative pedagogical approaches in Luxembourg. Even though there have been several meaningful initiatives over the last years, the trend towards short-term programs and activities has also arrived in Luxembourg. The need to satisfy the current demand often results (but not always!) in receding pedagogical ideals into the background. NBE was founded to provide a meaningful counter movement to the described trend above and to offer sustainable pedagogical programs, with a focus on experiential and adventure education.

Even though Luxembourg has a fast-growing economic sector, human resource development through Outdoor Trainings constitutes currently more an exception than a rule. For this reason and as a local partner, we offer programs and seminars, that provide Luxembourgish companies with the opportunity to help develop their employee. Furthermore, our programs and activities offer the possibility to work on topics-of relevance to the day-to-day work and will make your team more efficient.


Help other individuals grow and reach their personal goal or feel better about themselves and their environment. These are only two of the reasons that lay the foundation of our motivation. Learning can and should be interesting and connected to positive emotions. The cornerstone of our motivation is the ambition to offer lasting experiences. Our fast-changing society requires us to adapt to our ever-changing environment through progressive growth and development. This will allow us to overcome potential future challenges and face to the often-unknown future with a sense of self-confidence. 

Our Vision

Our long-term vision constitutes in reaching as many children, young adults and adults as possible with our programs & activities, while making a positive contribution to the pedagogical and/or human resource sector in Luxembourg. On one side, we try to realise this vision by putting into praxis our own concepts and ideas. On the other side, we try to support Luxembourgish institutions that want to realise their own ideas and offers by providing professional counselling.


Kris Clees

Founder of NBE